Vilas Elegance

Blue apartment 

Bronze Elegance

Sv. Ana

Blue apartment 

Dental Clinic

Exteriors – Leisure areas

Room for kids – Space Black

Room for kids – Blue marine

Modern house design

Family house interior & exterior design

Individual house interior & exterior design


Conference room design

Chamber of business and craft

House interior design

Apartment interior design

Room for kids – Green forest

Family House in the Hills

Twin house Interior

Penthouse Interior

Studio renovation & interior

Only 12 m2 of abandoned space became one pratical little studio.

Bedroom interior

Elegant bedroom design with Italian Pianca furniture.

Tiny room renovation & interior design 

Laying out the apartment in systematic way in order to make most out of small space (15m2). Simple but yet modern and luxurious interior design.

Terraced Row houses

Three simple row houses have everything you need. Perfect for familys with low budget who wish to live in a house.  Houses have no basement and are one story high. On the top we have a roof terrace with exterior access on the back of the house. 

Family  House

 Simple but elegant one family house with two bedrooms, two bathrooms,  open kitchen, double height living room and more. With big terrace and swimming pool it is all what you need. 

Luxury Hotel Resort

 Hotel Resort & Spa is an extraordinary project offering the highest standars from materials, techniques to services. Traditional typologies of cloister and appearance of the forest and nature through geometrical voronoi pattern create rich experience. Materials such as marble, glass, aluminum mix modern and traditional luxury. Three floors with spacious interior and big open terraces accomodate varios programs, such as; conference center, rehabilitation & relaxation center, sports & nutrition center, common & meeting areas, restaurant, bars and hotel with high standard rooms on the top level. Urbanism follows the same logics of nature and cells. Different areas in the park offer wide range of activities for all people, while private garden, courtyard with a river, restaurant, baths on the inner side of resort is reserved fort the clients.

Hill Family House

Family house located in suburbs. Simple layout, outdoor terraces and spectacular views.

Modern House Interior Design


Modern house with an open plan and black fragments scattered around the house, leading the thread. Cold colors are combined with natural materials and though out lighting to provide a comfortable environment.

Yacht Interior Design

Salon and Master Cabin design for a 37m long motor yacht.

Luxury Terrace

Luxurious terrace, complementing a modern riverside house with a breathtaking view. There are small details that can make your home perfect. Big terrace area allows accommodation of your guests, either formaly seated or cosily leaned back on the sofa. Movable roof with a firm structure protects you from all weather conditions and enables you the use of the outer space throughout the year.

Attic Design

Attic can turn out more than interesting and useful. The play of high ceilings, beams and materials create comfortable environment for your daily life.

Voronoi Resort


Hotel resort on Iceland is built on the suburb of Reykjavik between the center and the airport, having a perfect location for tourists with connecting flights. It is composed of 3 different apartments with three standard levels, which are positioned in organised way around peninsula. Likewise there are 3 heights, resulting in private and shared terraces with pools on the ground floor. Other common buildings; restaurant, golf center, reception, spa,.. raise the standard and offer for the clients. Materials such as volcanic rock, rasin, glass, wood enhance the relation between nature and interior.

Vintage Villa Renovation


Old Villa with a history but no presence can have a promosing future. With small details, we can do everything. There are million of potential houses out there which could bring you profit with different programs you can think of or just make a perfect home for you.

Water Drop Linear Park

Water Drop is a linear park project in Mexico City, renovating, reviving and activating an old railway. Different pavillions placed along 5 km long part are a part of natural purification process and water museum, showing importance of water while purifying rainwater of Mexico City.

Football Stadium


New Barcelona Football stadium design proposal with big potential and new idea of experiencing events on the arena. Diagonal axis divides stadium on sitting area and other spaces which can be occupied daily. Program is divided on 7 levels, from Mall, Commercial spaces, Services, Grandstands, Circulation areas, Hotel and VIP areas all full of attractions for everyone. There are three grandstands all with a great view to Arena and backside areas for gathering and enjoying. Additionally luxury VIP boxes and hotel suites are located on best positions to ensure your perfect experience.

Commercial Center Design

Modern, big and open with glazed facade and innercourtyards commercial center can be made cozy. Likewise, underground dark garages can be lighted up through openings on the ground, bringing playfulness and comfort also to parking. 

 Flower Pavillion


Flower pavillion is a small structure adapted to different plants and their neccessities throughout the year, depending on sun, temperetaure, moisture, etc. Park visitors can walk through and enjoy a coffe on the top of the structure, which can bea reached through a spiral ramp. 

Muenchen Pavillion

Gallery space for an artist can be an art itself.

Graphic Design


Graphic design for different events, conferences or even a personal image for your company. (Rotary events, World medical congresses,…)


Exteriors – Leisure areas